An online assessment is an evaluation of a person's abilities, behaviors and/or characteristics. This test is conducted on the Internet by using available web technologies. An assessment could set out with clear objectives such as:

  • To test the learning or knowledge of a candidate.
  • To select right candidates from a huge set of applicants.
  • To recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the test taker.
  • To identify specific personality and character attributes.
  • To suggest clues in career counselling and find the suitable training, job or career for the candidate.

Why online assessment over traditional assessment?

An online assessment gives the advantage of accuracy and speed when compared to a traditional assessment process. The robust online tools reduce any chances of malpractice, streamlines hiring and assure a positive candidate practice. Online assessment platforms have all the tools needed to administer the exam, measure talent, assess domain-specific abilities, and generate comprehensive test reports and more. A lot of platforms come with a plug-and-play characteristic and can be used on many devices.

Types of online assessments

There are more than 20 different types of assessment tests. A few of the most popular exams cover skill assessment, cognitive assessment, communication assessment, behavioral assessment, etc.

Features of Online Assessment

The benefits of online assessment are hailed by both the exam candidates and for the organization providing the assessment:

Reduced Administrative Burden

Online exams significantlydecrease the administrative load on the school, and assist to save the time and effort on printing and distribution of exam papers, setting up on examination centers and classrooms.

Quicker to Mark and Issue Results

Online assessment tests are easier to evaluate, quicker to mark and many assessment options permit for auto scorable questions. These techniques confirm that the students get their results faster than the traditional methods.

Automated Test Assembly Tools

With online assessment system, teachers can create a bank of appropriate questions which can then be used for all the forthcoming questions to generate automatic and randomized papers. Online assessment even makes checking.

Accessible with globalreach

This is the most talked about benefit on online assessments because it allows the students and gives the option to appearthe exam at a location of their choice. It also guarantees that teachers can supervise the assessments remotely.

Increased Security

Preserving the safety and security of the traditional school exam papers could be very stressful for the schools. However, with an online assessment there is a greater security since all exam papers, candidate details.

Assessment Reporting

Assessing the students learning at regular intervals is important for any institutions success. Teachers can monitor the improvement of every student in real-time and assist and guidethe students.

Certificate Maker

It enables to create online certification tests which are totally customizable to fulfil your specific needs. Not just is certification testing online more useful and time-saving, it has also become a necessity. .

Exam & Date Secuirty

With the purpose of data security, assessment platforms promise safety. There is much at stake when monitoring the candidat'es activity in an online assessment, comprising everything ranging from applicant's data.

Self Registration

Registering for self-assessment as well as filing self-assessment returns online is normally the easiest and fastest way to deal with self-assessment.The location for the online test can be decided by the candidates.

Printable Reports

An online assessment system with the support of a school administrative system also makes it easier to create the reports. These reports can be modified as per the instructions of the school or to reflect the various parameters of the candidat'es performance.

Purpose of assessment

The common goal of assessment is to assess and improve students learning, however the objectives can differ slightly, depending on the type of assessment that is used. There are two basic types:

Formative assessments

Formative assessments occur in an online course or class and are used to define how well a student is understanding the material. They are best when they are consistent, ongoing and provide acuteresponse to the learners.

Summative assessments

Summative assessments are at times referred to as a final exam and calculate what the student has learned after completion of a course. They can authenticate how well your content supports the courses' overall learning goals.

Online typing tests

Online typing test is the fastest and the best way to calculate your current level of typing skills. A good test can examine your typing skills in two areas- speed and accuracy.Your typing speed will be measured in view of words per minute. After the test, you will see how many words you can type in 60 second time period on an average.

Online Coding tests

Coding challenges are tests sent to potential workers by anenterprisenormally to serve as a zero or first round interview to acquire initial technical/coding sign on candidates. They are mostly given to a new graduate or intern, but anyone can be subject to a coding challenge.

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$22.50 /Month Billed yearly

36 candidates per year included.

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$22.50 /Month Billed yearly

36 candidates per year included.

$7.50 per extra candidate.



$22.50 /Month Billed yearly

36 candidates per year included.

$7.50 per extra candidate.


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